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January 08 2011

Cheesecake Crust

Someone should just sell the crust in bit-sized pieces and sell it as a snack. I should patent the idea.
Tags: food

December 26 2010

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December 16 2010

These remind me of Jeremy Scott pants....i want them I can be like 2ne1 and Lee Hyori AT THE SAME TIME
via Navy Star Printed Pants - Bonobos
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[YouTube] Witness - The Colony (Chinatown in Senagal)
Tags: China

December 14 2010

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I dont understand why everyone hates his hair, its what i desire I NEED to make my hair like this.....my plan -> gold -> blonde -> T.O.P. white -> BOM Red

December 12 2010

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Best k-pop song in Japan from this year.
Tags: kpoop
I know but like, this week is his only week at home for break with friends, then off to another country for the rest of it. idk I guess I'm too nice :/

Bitches and Whores

I hate not living in a dorm or an apartment or something where I live with other students at my school. My brother's finals week ended already, so he's free to party and bring rambunctious friends over while I have to be a hermit in my room and "study". dsfargeg

December 11 2010

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December 10 2010

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Perfume - 575 ( 69mix ) by Marginal-rec


Tags: Perfume remix
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YouTube - Seo In Young COMEBACK 1012009 Into the Rhythm LIVE

December 09 2010

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December 08 2010

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goodnight ~ I give you the gift of BEES
Tags: Oprah gif
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New Men's Fashion Trend ~~ Shorts Layering [leggings/socks]...girls too *********************************************** <Japan in Paris ~PHENOMENON~ showed this recent style I have been seeing around the internet a lot lately. Even though its a Spring/Summer style, I think this could be attempted in California. I think the legging trend is following the "Herbivore" men in Japan but i think it has already caught on in Asia, don't think it will in the states though; unless you're a superstar. The socks can make you look preppy or like a cholo, your choice.> *********************************************** Through layering it adds a dimension to your ensemble while keeping you warm and fashionable if done correctly. 
To layer these leggings and socks correctly, they either have to be the same color to your pants or close so the colors flow and continue making your legs look longer. Otherwise if you choose different colors it will cut your leg's length in half..making you shorter.....doing this strategically can make you look taller. If you have enough fun with it it may not even matter if you look short. *********************************************** Lets see if i can attempt this.....
-PHNOMENON fashion show / Street fashion Harajuku and Omotesando-

December 07 2010

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LaZY MaN  ~ ♪(=`(●●)´=)ノ
WE CAN STILL BE CHIC WITHOUT A LOT OF MONEY... just moar on the homeless side
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Once I become rich...i'll be able to look strangely chic yet homeless at the same time ~ too
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 today all I really did was take a shower....eat...and help. 

-。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚ cant productivity come to me?

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